Outsource Work

Nebula Game Studios not only develops games, we also provide a platform for incredibly talented artists to provide their services to all ranges of clients in the game industry.

We provide services for all aspects of the creative game creation process. Both 2D and 3D art and animation. environment, character, user interface design, special effects, all the way from concept, design, to finished high quality in-game assets.

We also provide game design advice and services, such as full game design concepts, level design, game mechanics, as well as programming and sound design and music composition.

We are always looking for good creative partners, from small indie games, to larger full team projects, and can even help alleviate pressures in times of crunch by providing the services of efficient, hard working, deadline driven employees. We also work for very reasonable rates.

Thanks, and please consider the experienced talent of Nebula Game Studios for your next project.

Please view our art Galleries for examples of almost all art styles we have worked with:

2D Character Portfolio 


2D Environment Portfolio


3D Object and Building Portfolio


3D Environment Art Portfolio


3D Character Art, prop and Low Poly Examples


Normal Map/ High Poly Z-Brush Modelling


User Interface Art Examples



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